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The importance of proofreading & a professional editing service

What is the real impact of proofreading & a professional editing service?

Investing in proofreading & a professional editing service may feel like an additional and unnecessary cost to your business, but a service such as this – when used in support of your marketing activities – can have an incredibly positive impact on your business; fast becoming an integral part of the content creation process. 

Proofreading & a professional editing service

Proofreading is the act of thoroughly reading and reviewing your content – whether blogs, webpages, campaign messaging or print material – and checking for grammatical, spelling and formatting errors; ensuring any content you release under your brand is error free and the very best it can be! 

And, although proofreading may be an assumed part of the marketing and content creation process, it’s often something marketing & communications departments struggle with. 


We’re only human and, often when creating written content, it’s far too easy to become ‘too close’ to any given piece; when a content creator – even those with decades of experience & knowledge – has written, rewritten, read, edited, and re-read the same piece of content multiple times in a day, it’s natural for that creator to become blind to simple mistakes within the content they’ve created. 

Therefore, bringing in what is essentially a ‘fresh pair of eyes’ – someone who knows nothing of the content before reading it – can be incredibly beneficial.

Crucial support for your marketing team

Not only this, but marketing teams are often incredibly busy with day-to-day marketing activities; 

  • Social media management 
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign creation & management
  • Graphic design
  • Budgeting
  • Internal communications
  • Creating marketing strategies and campaign plans
  • Regular reporting & data analysis

And content creation – arguably the back-bone of any marketing activity! 

Of course, alongside this, it’s also very common for web development & maintenance to sit within marketing departments which is, on its own, a full time job. 

If every member of the team within the marketing department is busy with the day-to-day runnings of marketing and everything that goes with it, are any of them going to have time to proofread and edit their own content? 

Probably not, as they should be too busy creating the content and publishing it and/or working out how best to use it to generate leads/sale or increase brand awareness. 

Now, at this point you might be thinking “well, isn’t proofreading & editing a key role of a good Marketing Manager?” and, although technically the answer might be “yes!”, would a busy Marketing Manager realistically have time to carefully sit in a quiet corner of the office and comb through a piece of content for errors, and make amends? Again, probably not. 

Would a Marketing Manager – particularly of a large business, managing a multi-person team – not be busy meeting with other departments about their needs, planning & strategising, securing and planning out budgets, speaking to external businesses, carrying out team [and individual] catch up meetings and appraisals, and keeping directors and CEO(s) informed of what their team have achieved on a weekly or monthly basis? 

Invest in your business & your marketing team

Marketing is a vital part of any business of any size; it keeps sales and/or leads coming in and ensures your business can keep going, even through the most difficult of times. 

It can lead to growth and development across all departments, a multitude of exciting opportunities, and keep existing customers/clients returning time & time again. 

Therefore, why not allow your marketing team the space and time to focus on doing what they do, and doing it to the very best of their ability? 

Take one seemingly small but important task off of their ever-growing list of things to do and outsource – invest in your business and your team by investing in a proofreading & professional editing service. 

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