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How much should SEO copywriting services cost?

SEO copywriting services are integral to the growth of your business, but how much should they cost?

SEO copywriting is a complex and challenging line of work that takes a lot of knowledge, experience and talent to execute well; the digital landscape, the way users search and the terms they search for, almost constantly changing. Within this context, then, how much should copywriting services cost?

How much should SEO copywriting services cost? 

Honestly, the answer to this really depends on several factors: 

  • How much content you need 
  • The overall health of your website, it’s current structure & layout, and how much of the content has already been optimised
  • Your overall marketing/content strategy and what you want to achieve with SEO copywriting services

And, although these points may sound trivial, they really are fundamental to determining how much you will end up paying for professional and complex services such as SEO copywriting

For example, if the overall health of your website, the structure & layout of the content, and the content itself, is in good shape, and all you need is additional, optimised content created for your site, the overall cost of services rendered will be much less than if your website needs foundational work done before any copywriting can be started. 

NB: SEO content will only reach its full potential when placed on a healthy, optimised, well-structured site – Google and search engines such as take into account, not only your content when deciding how and where to rank your site, but many other cues such as: 

  • URL structure
  • Ease of use on mobile devices
  • Backlinks and referring domains
  • Page speed

Etc. etc.! 

Alongside this, before hiring a professional to embark on SEO copywriting services, it’s important to already have an idea of what you want to achieve with such a service. 

If you simply need a calendar of optimised, monthly blogs created in order to raise & encourage awareness of your brand/product/service, then this will likely cost you much less than a full scale content audit + ongoing full-site optimisation + content creation. 

However, whatever you need and whatever your goals, the most important piece of information I could possibly leave you with upon reading this blog is the following:

SEO is not a one-off project! 

Although there may be some (or a lot) of foundational work to do and/or initial content to create, SEO should always be seen as an ongoing task and therefore a long term investment in your business, your brand, and your website. 

It’s incredibly important to continue on with regular – or at least semi-regular – keyword research and content creation, not only because the terms users search for often change, but also because such engines such as Google soak up new content and use it as a cue to determine whether your website is still relevant, helpful, and up-to-date. 

SEO price & cost

It’s hard to give an exact number when it comes to [content] SEO price & cost; if you go through an agency you’re likely to pay a lot more than you would to a sole-trader, for example, mainly because there will be a lot more people involved in your project with many more outgoings & overheads to cover. 

NB: This doesn’t mean that one is preferable over another, however, and I’m absolutely not saying that you should choose a freelancer over an agency or an agency over a freelancer – it really comes down to project need & personal preference! 

But freelance copywriters tend to charge between £20 and £80 per hour, depending on experience, project complexity, and project length among other things. The more complex and time consuming your project, the more an SEO Copywriter will typically charge! 

To end, I would like to project some love out into the [online] world for my fellow SEO Copywriters – we are highly skilled, professional individuals who have spent a long time honing and perfecting our craft in order to ensure businesses such as yours succeed in an often crowded and ever-changing space. 

It’s not always easy but it’s all so often incredibly rewarding! 

If you’d like to discuss my prices and how I can help you with SEO copywriting & SEO in general, please contact me

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