How to find keywords for SEO

Here, I’ll talk you through how to find keywords for SEO

Keywords are an integral part of SEO. Well, in fact, keywords are arguably the very central focus of SEO; the figurative sun around which other search engine optimisation principles revolve. But, for a lot of business owners and first time marketers, finding the right keywords is often one of the most challenging elements of the practice. So, here, I’ll talk you through how to find keywords for SEO – methods I use myself that are absolutely free.

How to find keywords for SEO

Google’s Keyword Planner

Google’s Keyword Planner – How to find keywords for SEO

As part of their Google Ads service, Google provides users with a myriad of tools including a free Keyword Planner. Predominantly used to aid Google Ads and help advertisers find the most appropriate and relevant search terms to bid on, Keyword Planner is an invaluable tool offering anyone with a Google Ads account the opportunity to search an almost endless bank of keywords for free; what’s more, Keyword Planner also allows users to search keywords in a number of ways. 

If you already know the kinds of keywords you want your website to rank for, you can choose to conduct a search by keyword. Whereas, if you aren’t yet sure what kinds of keywords you want to rank for, you can choose the adjacent option – starting with a website. 

Starting with a website enables you to see the kinds of keywords Google thinks your website is and should be ranking for, and it’s an incredible starting point for anyone totally in the dark about keywords & SEO. 

What’s more, as it’s predominantly an advertising tool, Keyword Planner provides so much more than simply a list of relevant keywords – it also offers you important information such as: 

  • The number of searches per month (this can be as highly targeted per location as you need!)
  • Trends (whether the popularity/use of a keyword is increasing or decreasing)
  • The competition level (this is a great indicator of how valuable particular keywords are and how saturated the ‘market’ is for said word/term)
  • The maximum & minimum bids (should you wish to venture into the wonderful world of advertising at a later date)

And so, so much more. 

Setting up a Google Ads account is free, the Keyword Planner tool is free, and I strongly recommend everyone have one! 

Answer The Public

Answer The Public – How to find keywords for SEO

Ok, the free version is limited to just 3 or 4 searches per day, but Answer The Public is a wonderful source of information (website) specifically for long tail keywords. Long tail keywords, if you’re not familiar, are search terms presented in full sentences – often questions – and are perfect for planning & subsequently creating optimised blog posts. 

Simply enter the keyword you wish to rank for, wait a few moments, and Answer the Public will provide you with a comprehensive, categorised collection of questions and statements users are searching for in relation to the keyword in question.

Related searches

Google’s Related searches – How to find keywords for SEO

Yeah, it’s basic, but Google’s ‘Related searches’ are an effective place to look for real & actual searches users are making related to your keyword. And, honestly, it’s so easy to do – if you’re nervous about keyword research & SEO, ‘Related searches’ is probably a great place to start. 

Simply type your chosen keyword into Google’s search bar and scroll through the first page – when you reach the bottom, you’ll come to a section called ‘Related searches’  where you’ll find a selection of popular keywords and phrases similar to your chosen keyword. 

There are, of course, other – more sophisticated and powerful – ways to find keywords for SEO; paid for software that can provide you with virtually all the information you could ever need to optimise your content AND your entire website (technical SEO is an artform on its own!), but these are the best, free, methods and tools to get you started on your search engine optimisation journey. 

And if you still have questions about how to find keywords for SEO, why not contact me?

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