How can content marketing improve sales?

How can content marketing improve sales?

This is how content marketing can improve sales

If you’re looking for new and effective ways to improve your sales and generate new leads, content marketing could be the answer. So, to help you understand just how content marketing can support your business, here, I’ll answer the question: How can content marketing improve sales? 

How can content marketing improve sales? 

Content marketing is a passive and non-intrusive way of marketing that involves creating & promoting informative, useful content to audiences in a number of different styles and formats, including: 

  • Videos
  • Long form blogs 
  • White papers
  • Social media posts

With the primary purpose of providing audiences with valuable information they’re actively searching for. 

Falling under the umbrella of inbound marketing, content marketing differs from other forms of marketing such as Pay Per Click Advertising because it – 

  • Puts the needs of your audience first
  • Directly responds to questions audiences are actively searching the answers for
  • Puts your brand second 
  • Is non-intrusive and non-disruptive 
  • Provides information audiences want 
  • Promotes your brand, business and team as experts in your chosen field 

And, as a result, content marketing builds trust with your audience whilst fostering ongoing relationships, as well as appeasing search engines such as the almighty Google that are always looking for valuable, interesting and informative content to serve to their users. 

What’s more, content marketing lasts – unlike a Facebook advertising campaign or Google Ads campaign that costs money to create, manage and run, and – importantly – has a finite lifespan, once a blog, video or whitepaper is published, it’ll exist for as long as you need it to; accruing clicks and traffic and organic search results until either you take it down or interest in the search terms targeted drop off, which usually takes years! 

In short, content marketing can improve sales by: 

  • Promoting your brand, business and team as experts in your field 
  • Putting the needs of your audience first and promoting your brand second
  • Providing information in accessible formats that audiences need and are actively searching for

All whilst providing an affordable and consistent way of generating traffic, clicks and, ultimately, generating new leads over a significant period of time. 

And, although content marketing is a ‘slow burn’ compared to much more immediate ways of generating leads & sales like Facebook advertising, content marketing is a long term lead generation tool – an investment in your clients, potential clients and brand reputation. 

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